6 year old Xavier gets tucked up for bed, hugging his doll with toy hearing implants.

Xavier is deaf, and uses implants to help him hear. At night, he and his mom Jessica sing - and sign - lullabies together before going to bed.

After singing, Jessica, says “I love you” out loud to Xavier every night, knowing that with his condition, there is a possibility they may not work in the future.

“I make sure to tell him in case it is the last thing he hears,” she says.

How I wonder what you are.

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II. Breathtaking Air

IV. Sign Language

VI. Song of the Sea

DisplacedI. Displaced from Home

III. Community Cradle

V. Physical Distance

A Lullaby Library

with support from
National Geographic Society
The Tim Hetherington Trust

Photography Hannah Reyes Morales
Audio Rupert Compston
Animations Robertino Zambrano / Kapwa Studios