The song comes alive as night draws in. Hear it curl beneath the blanket, slip between the fold of cradling arms, in rooms across the world.

To an audience of children,
a hidden chorus of caregivers fills the night with song.

They’re singing lullabies.

Living Lullabies illuminates critical issues facing women and children through the multidisciplinary storytelling of families’ night-time rituals.

It explores how caregivers prepare children for sleep in environments fraught with risk, and the unique role of the lullaby as a vector
for sense- and place- making.

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II. Breathtaking Air

IV. Sign Language

VI. Song of the Sea

DisplacedI. Displaced from Home

III. Community Cradle

V. Physical Distance

A Lullaby Library

with support from
National Geographic Society
The Tim Hetherington Trust

Photography Hannah Reyes Morales
Audio Rupert Compston
Animations Robertino Zambrano / Kapwa Studios