In Liberia, about 1 in 3 girls are mothers by the time they are 19. Patience Brooks gave birth to her first daughter at 14. Here in Patience’s neighborhood, caregiving is an exercise in community. 

The children huddle together around Patience as she takes care of her neighbors’ children.

‘Once upon a time…’ Patience begins; “TIME,” the children reply, then quiet into listening. Later, they tell  their own stories - about kings and queens, forests and magic creatures.

At home, Patience puts her daughter Marta to sleep.

‘I sing to forget the baby’s Pa,’ she says. 

Don’t cry baby,
Your ma is iron soap.

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II. Breathtaking Air

IV. Sign Language

VI. Song of the Sea

DisplacedI. Displaced from Home

III. Community Cradle

V. Physical Distance

A Lullaby Library

with support from
National Geographic Society
The Tim Hetherington Trust

Photography Hannah Reyes Morales
Audio Rupert Compston
Animations Robertino Zambrano / Kapwa Studios